This is the place to find workshops in art, ceramics, and creativity. Stimulate and liberate your creative gifts for challenging tasks. (Even if you have no background in art!) Get help with creativity issues and blockages, in a group setting or independent study. Or just have fun with art and recharge!

Meredith Dalglish

You will also find here information on ceramic artist Meredith Dalglish, including her unique methods for loosening up creativity, her new program called "Art In Motion (AIM)," and a gallery of some of her work during a career spanning thirty years and counting.

MerArt Studio is lo­cated in Portland, Oregon, but Meredith will continue to offer her work­shops in other venues as well.

Art Workshops in Europe

The medieval hill town of Certaldo

Come learn new techniques in ceramics and photography while soaking up the beauty and culture of Tuscany!

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