To best create, body and mind integrate.

What It Is, Who It's For

Art In Motion (AIM) is a program with a new approach to creativity, aiming to benefit all people, whether or not they have any background in "Art." It has been adapted successfully to the needs of seniors and others with special challenges. Businesses, organizations, special interest clubs, and individuals, anyone can tap their innate creativity to optimize innovative thinking, clarity of vision, focus and confidence with Meredith's techniques and insights.


Through membership in AIM, anyone can enjoy the benefits of freeing up their creativity for today's challenges at a cost that is easier to manage, and in a manner providing on-going progress toward greater innovation, confidence, and vision.

Meredith's Vision for Art In Motion

"In a world filled with chaos, strife and extremes, there is a stronger need than ever before for balance and centering," says Meredith. "I know that such things as integrating media (such as music and other arts), movement and imagery, breathing and relaxing in restful positions all can assist a person's well-being and conviction, joy and confidence, so that even fear and dread of self-expression can be faced, pushing beyond the known to the unknown with great support and intention of purpose. It might even be called re-educating one's body and mind together, learning to see and focus in challenging ways with a fresh new approach. It often leads to the 'Aha!' experience that is so magical. The vision of Art In Motion is to confirm that through all the work with my techniques and information, there will be a greater sense of fulfillment, of intention, of experimentation, opening brave new directions for a person's creative spirit and journey."