A brand new program of Art In Motion

To best create, body and mind integrate.

Come get a refreshing new look at the lifestyle/studio experience of a working artist. Meredith Dalglish, MFA, will host weekend programs at her location: MerArt Studio.

Includes a studio tour/discussion of her evolution as an artist—latest work, importance of “a room of one's own” (or a studio/home of one's own) along with issues of how artists live, what drives them, their passion, their muse. Learn how to unblock creativity, with holistic, intuitive techniques that enable the artist to get to the risk-taking work. What art media is chosen to express oneself, and how best to proceed?

Also included in the weekend workshop is a beautiful, healthy Sunday brunch at MerArt studio prepared by the artist (who also loves to cook for guests, complete with handmade dishware, fresh-cut flowers, delicious breads, pastries, coffee or tea), i.e., the “Artful Life” (what would the Artful Life be without this?!)

Includes your choice of workshop for the weekend!

Limited to 3-5 participants, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. Contact Meredith to register.

Mixed Media Collage (*New*)

Use such materials as tar paper, colored fiber, fabric, papers, wire, glass bits, and explore Meredith's experimental Procaustic Techniques, (using ceramic shards) with layering techniques.

Ceramics: Low-Fire Techniques with Few Tools

Variation of pinch forms

Ceramics: Handbuilding with Slab and Coil

Functional and sculptural

Ceramics: Make a Ceramic Mask

With simple techniques

Ceramics: Make a Solid form Carved Out

Using multi-colored clays

Ceramics: Make Hand Made Tiles

For your home, kitchen, bath or fireplace

Ceramics: Working with Forms for Low-Fire

low-fire salt, pit-fire, sawdust and with kilns to finish using the low-fire techniques

Ceramics: Story Telling With Clay

Tell a fanciful story and transform it into clay, work also on a group project with clay—the sky's the limit!

Moving Around with Words

A workshop for Writers of Prose and Poetry with unique holistic and intuitive techniques to get to new meaning of writing

Loosen Up/Reawaken Your Creativity

A fabulous mix of art-making combined with easy stretches, moving better in your body, imaging, journaling, dream imagery, and more. Includes amazing, refreshing art and energy techniques.

Art in the Park, Environmental, Process, and Temporary Art

Learn to express your creativity in the natural environment, such as one of the beautiful Portland Parks, and learn to create from the location with natural materials, learn how to make sculpture with found materials for process, temporary art.