Contacting Meredith

Meredith can be reached by phone or email:

Meredith Dalglish, M.F.A.   Portland, OR Phone: 503.777.6363


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
"Create by getting out of your way."
-Meredith Dalglish.
"I am terrified most of the time, and I do it anyway."
"Take a risk, do something that makes you feel insecure."
"It takes courage and wisdom to follow your own path and voice."
-Meredith Dalglish.
"Do not create and critique at the same time; they are two different things."
-John Cage.
"Give back, give thanks, and always remember to honor those people who have helped you along the way of your creative journey."
-Meredith Dalglish.
"Enjoy. It's lighter than you think."
-John Cage.