Meredith Dalglish

Who is Meredith?

Meredith Dalglish is an accomp­lished ceramic artist and painter who has turned her experience and knowledge of the creative process into a passionate vocation as a facilitator of other artists' creativity. Working with the tactile qualities of claywork, as well as writing, painting, movement and sound, she works her magic as a "muse coach" or Creativity Processor, helping artists who struggle to work through blockages, confusion and fears to tap into their creative wellspring, via inspiration from nature, journaling, dream imagery, music, etc.

Meredith has been a practicing artist for some thirty years, with a Master of Fine Arts degree from the prestigious Claremont Graduate School in California. She has completed commissions for individuals and businesses throughout the US, including for the Hilton Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, installed for the Olympic Games held there in 1996. Entitled "Aphrodite's Dream," it is a 16 by 25 foot, 52-piece ceramic wall sculpture. In 1977 she volunteered on the seminal Judy Chicago "Dinner Party Project." Meredith fabricated the last and most sculptural of the 39 plates, celebrating the life and work of Georgia O'Keeffe, and also helped with the Natalie Barney and Virginia Woolf plates, all based on Judy's fine drawings. The "Dinner Party" is now on permanent display at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York City.

As founding director of the Women's Institute for Creativity, a bi-coastal education and research center begun in Florida in 1992, Meredith has had ample opportunity to hone her techniques for empowering the creative process. She has used her insights to teach and benefit artists in the US and abroad. She has served as artist-in-residence in Florida, Indiana, California and Wisconsin, and taught in Scotland, Holland, and Brazil. Her work with artists has had a 98% success rate, changing lives and leading to major works and breakthroughs. She is soon to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Institute she founded, with a catalog of her accomplishments. Meredith continues to write and research the mysteries of creativity as it relates to the feminine, and is still helping others develop their creativity through "Art In Motion" (AIM), her new venture in Portland, Oregon.