Intern or Apprentice Needed


Volunteer, unpaid position includes access to Meredith's knowledge and techniques, help with creativity issues, significant discounts on workshops, in exchange for help with paperwork, reorganizing, and other administrative tasks.

Artist of the Month

February 15, 2010

Many of you know that March is Women's History Month, but did you know about Meredith's part in the history of women's art? In 1977, Meredith took part in one of the seminal art events for women, Judy Chicago's ground-breaking "Dinner Party." Meredith worked many hours with other volunteer artists to bring Judy's vision to full form, and Meredith herself was responsible for crafting the last plate of the series (following Judy's design) honoring artist Georgia O'Keeffe. Since then, Meredith has not only pursued her own artistic vision, but has also helped many other women artists achieve their goals, both through her work at the Women's Institute for Creativity, and as a "muse coach" and mentor of artists she has worked with directly.

Now, Meredith has been selected as Artist of the Month for March by "Who's Who in International Art." Congratulations, Meredith!

Italy in the Fall

February , 2010

There are currently TWO workshops being offered in Tuscany this fall, one at a beautiful villa in the heart of Tuscany, and one at La Meridiana International School of Ceramics, in the neighborhood of Florence.


January 31, 2010

The planned workshops at Sitka Center for Art and the Environment are not going to happen this summer. Sadly, the committee that makes the decisions had so many ideas to choose from, they coiuldn't use them all, and ours got cut. If you would like to take a workshop from me there in future, say, next year, please contact them and let them know of your interest!