New Summer Workshop

Fathers (and Daughters) Day at MerArt Studio

Are you close to your father? Do you wish you were closer? Do you both enjoy creative activities, or working with your hands? Many women find they have been powerfully affected by their relationship with their fathers. Now you have an opportunity to explore this mysterious, formative, sometimes challenging relationship while creating unique and beautiful art, either individually or jointly. Using Mixed-Media Collage, we explore creativity and relationships with a special emphasis on fathers and daughters, June 18 and 19, 2011, at Meredith's studio in Portland, OR.

Contact Meredith for details.

There's Clay in Them Thar Hills!

July 23-24, 2011: New workshop in Fossil, OR

Join Meredith and go out into the colorful hills near Fossil, learn to identify this clay along the roadsides---green, red, yellow, pink and brown----some of the most unique ancient areas anywhere. Dig samples, learn to process it, and make into clay slips for decoration on handmade clay pinch forms. Meredith's methods for creating forms are to use variations of pinch, coil, slab, using few tools, then decorating with the beautiful locally-found clay slips. Join us for a two day adventure in the local hills of Fossil and studio of Oregon Paleo Lands Institute, and enjoy the wonderment of creating where past meets present. $100 for 2-day workshop, materials included. All levels of experience welcome. Contact Meredith for details, or call OPLI to register: (541)763-4480.


AIM programs are available at your site, to be designed for your needs. Three one-hour programs are available:

  • Music Imagery
    Includes world music, body stretches, visual imagery, as well as hands on with musical instruments.
  • Arts and Crafts
    Projects of your choosing, including theme-based (Spring flowers, holidays, etc.).
  • Ceramics
    With simple hand-building and decorating techniques. Four meetings minimum.

All supplies, materials included. $65/hr. Possible 2x/month, once/month, or each week.
Call 503-777-6363 to schedule.

Workshops at MerArt Studio

Come to Meredith's studio for workshops in Portland, Oregon.
Call today to reserve a spot! 503-777-6363

Workshop Descriptions:


A combination of techniques used over the last 20 years by Meredith for artists to peel back layers and get to the risk-taking work. Included will be muraling, collaging, music imagery, body stretches, journaling, prose, dream imagery, sound-art, and more. This workshop dates back to 1992 when Meredith began working in individual independent-study with artists at all levels of experience, both nationally and internationally, with very successful results.
Time: 10am-4pm; Cost: $85 View Schedule


Learn the many ways to work in each of these types of art-making, which are very popular in today's art scene. Meredith has been creating these for over 15 years, and will do a slide presentation, as well as work with you to create in each of the three techniques.
Time: 10am-4pm; Cost: $125 (2 sessions) View Schedule


Learn to create your own tiles for your home and create in such a way that it will be possible to make tiles as commissions possibly for others. Learn a variety of techniques, using unique textures and decorating methods in a day long workshop.
Time: 10am-4pm. Cost: $65 View Schedule


What dreams would you like to impart to the mother of all of us? How can you best express this? Use of aprons, chairs, hats, clothing, and other feminine associations, even pie, as an art form. Come explore and take that internal journey that can lead to some new directions, wild places, or the muse that is elusive like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Surprises galore in process. Bring the things that are about mother, and what this stands for, create your mother-of-art pieces to celebrate her!
Time: 10am-4pm; Cost: $65. View Schedule


Come on out and get creative, inspired by nature. A unique half-day workshop of "Loosening Up Creativity" in a natural park setting in Portland. Some of the best of Portland is its beautiful parks and we will take a snack, and meet to walk, talk, create from nature. There will be journaling, as well as hands-on art, some body stretches, "imaging".
Park: Mt. Tabor (S.E.) parking lot beside basketball court, bathrooms.
Time: 1-4pm. Cost: $20 View Schedule
Call for special rates for groups of five or more.


Private, personalized creativity sessions, one-on-one, two hours per week for six weeks to guide the participant through explorations with various art media, (painting, muraling, collage, sculpture, clay, installation, temporary art, sound-art, etc.) and with dream imagery, journaling, discussion, visualization, and more. Also half-day and full-day independent-study sessions available.

Call 503-777-6363 to schedule.


A time for you and your friends to meet for a two-hour creativity session in your home or other location, with tea, to include some journaling, hands-on art, creative writing, sounds, stretches, and discussion about your creativity processing. Minimum: 5-10 people. Cost: $10 per person. Supplies will be provided, and dates are negotiable during the week, evenings or weekends.
Call 503-777-6363 to schedule.

With Artist, Creativity Processor Meredith Dalglish

Viewing art stimulates creativity, increases intelligence as research has shown. A time to experience art your way -- ask questions, relate to art with special interpretation, interactions, creativity processing with journaling, sketches, etc. A unique art experience. Portland Art Museum: 2 hours. Cost $35 for one, $20 each for 2-4 people (does not include Museum entry fee). Limit: 1-4 people.

Consulting for your Business or Group:

One hour, half day, or full day of AIM specially designed for your fund-raiser, conference, retreat, or other event.
Call 503-777-6363 to schedule.


listed in "WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN ART," has been an artist-in-residence internationally and nationally, offering her workshops in Holland, Scotland, and Brazil and most recently at the Mendocino Arts Center in CA, where she was artist-in-residence for two years. She is current Director of the Women's Institute for Creativity, Inc., which she founded, headquartered in south Florida. Now residing in Portland, OR, where she is owner of Art In Motion, she has completed commissions throughout the U.S. and been an artist for over 30 years. more…